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Choosing the Right Chain for Your Diamond Necklace: A Style Guide

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Diamond rings have always been the talk of the town since its inception. However, nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of a diamond necklace. It’s timeless and royal and will be forever known as one of the most coveted stones in history.

Whether for your spouse or your mother, you will want to gift the best design that sits perfectly around the neckline. But due to the availability of several designs, sometimes it gets challenging for you to pick the right one. So, here is a detailed guide to help you to select the suitable chain and design for your diamond necklace.

Differentiating Chain Types

Understand that finding the right chain for your diamond necklace is a tough job and pretty much dependent on your jeweler. Depending on your budget and the type of diamond design, you can select the chain type from a variety of options discussed below:

1. Figaro Chain

It is made with flattened links which aren’t all uniform in size. Generally, it is prepared with two or three shorter links that remain separated by one elongated oval link. The style and thickness of the chain are often responsible for defining the overall look of it.

For example, the diamond cut is famous for leaving a visible sparkle due to light capture. These are ideal for any gender and sit perfectly with diamond pendants, crosses, or even medallions.

2. Rope Chain

Rope chains are made with small links that must be meticulously woven to form the rope-like, twisted chain. They are all available in varying sizes and styles depending on their build, intricacy, and complexity.

These are generally worn as larger rope chains which can draw more attention from onlookers. One can wear it with a pendant or create a layered look while stacking the chains together.

3. Ball Chain

As the name suggests, these are made with sheet metal balls which are all identical in size and shape. The balls are hollow and have two holes through which the metal wire is intertwined to create the chain. If you love to wear charms and small pendants, this is the ideal chain type to give you a bold, distinctive look.

4. Curb Chain

This one is made with twisted and flattened links that smoothly interlock to form the chain. These are made in delicate formations with 1mm variation and are pretty popular for creating statement neckpieces.

5. Belcher Chain

These are made with D-shaped broad links, which are generally uniform in size and shape. These are available in different alloys and sizes, offering more versatility in style and look.

These are a few chain types to know about while selecting the right one for your diamond necklace. However, consider which are the popular chain styles available in the market and which can be the ultimate choice for making a stunning statement piece.

Metal Choices for Your Diamond Neckpiece

Now that you have a clear idea about the different types of chains, it is time to explore the world of metals for your diamond necklace. A long list of metal options is available, which can also be confusing. 

You need to consider many factors, like your budget, sensitive skin or other skin type, the look and feel of the neckpiece, and more, before selecting the suitable metal for your necklace. Here are a few options for your reference:

1. Gold

The first one has to be none other than gold. It is known for its purity and has long been coveted for its brilliance and beauty. It never tarnishes and can be worked with almost any other metal perfectly. And if one manages to care for this metal properly, it can last indefinitely. No wonder jewelers still consider this one the most prized metal of all.

However, there are different varieties of gold available for jewelry. One of the primary things to know about gold is that it needs to be prepared as an alloy, as it is incredibly soft. 

It can wear out easily and hence needs to be mixed with other metals to create the alloys, which can make it more suitable, durable, and stronger for future use. Some of the widely used metals with gold are iron, zinc, titanium, silver, copper, tin, nickel, cadmium, and manganese.

Also, gold is available as rose gold, yellow, white, etc. You get the yellow version by mixing copper with gold, while white gold is prepared with platinum, nickel plus zinc, copper, manganese, etc. However, depending on your skin type and your preferred design, you can select any color and variety for your neckpiece.

2. Platinum

It is around 95% pure and never loses its rich white luster. It doesn’t tarnish and is the heaviest metal. It is the hypoallergenic option for ones with sensitive ears. It is widely popular for its purity, durability, pliability, and strength. No wonder most diamond jewelers prefer platinum for preparing their masterpieces. So, if you are planning to gift your beloved one a symbol of everlasting love, you can definitely select a platinum diamond necklace.

3. Sterling Silver

 Another metal that sits perfectly with precious jewelry designs is sterling silver. It is ageless and classy due to its attractive color and luster. It is highly durable and is known for its everlasting properties. Also, it requires minimal maintenance and is seamlessly customizable as per the design requirements.

It gives the creators the pleasure of expressing their creativity by combining innovative designs using gemstones and other metals. In case you are struggling to find a decent metal to suit your sensitive skin and also make a bold statement, sterling silver can be a good option.

4. Titanium

Titanium is the last one on this list and is known to be the hardest nature metal in the world of metallurgy. It is lightweight and is a pure element. Due to its high durability, it can be the perfect choice for your diamond necklace. Also, it is hypoallergenic and can be worn by people with sensitive skin as well.


Apart from metal and chain types, one must also pay attention to the clasps and closures, durability, maintenance, budget, and many other factors before selecting the right chain for your diamond neckpiece. 

You need to determine the style and design depending on your occasion while ensuring that you choose the one that comes with great comfort and longevity. Turn the stunning piece into a priceless possession with the right choices that can complement your overall personality effortlessly.  

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